The Real Main Event Fight Last Night Was 37-Year-Old Brodie Merrill Chuckin' Some Knucks In Vancouver

I know there were a lot of big fights last night. You had a UFC event. You had the Pacquiao fight. But the best tilt of the evening was in the NLL between a couple of captains in 37-year-old Brodie Merrill for the San Diego Seals and Matt Beers for the Vancouver Warriors.

This is why I always get a nice little chuckle out of all the bozos in the comment section who claim that “lax is for pussies” or something along those lines. Uhhh hey, morons. These dudes are out here having a literal street fight. The thing about hockey fights is that they really only last for a few seconds before somebody ends up losing and edge and going down. But in the NLL? These guys are on their feet. So it’s just a straight up fight at that point. No gloves. No helmets. No nothing. Just a couple of guys scrapping away and beating the shit out of one another. It’s as gritty as it gets.

And for Brodie Merrill to still be throwing some hands out there at his age? What a beast. He didn’t appreciate his rookie Austin Staats taking a little high hit earlier in the night so he decided to step up for the kid and do something about it. And credit to Beers for throwing down as well. It’s not often you get to see two captains square off like that. But that’s what box lax is all about.

P.S. – Speaking of Austin Staats, this goal from Friday night was absolutely absurd.

What a freak.