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Greg Hardy Unleashes An Extremely Illegal Knee To His Downed Opponent, Gets Disqualified From UFC Debut


I mean, this is just too fitting, isn’t it?

Greg Hardy, in his UFC debut, just unleashed the most illegal knee you could possibly throw in mixed martial arts, to a downed opponent, after being taken down and grappled beyond his comfort in the first, and sorta lit up in the second.

This OBVIOUSLY led to a disqualification, followed by each and every New Yorker in attendance (who predictably hated this woman-beating piece of shit going in) giving Hardy a piece of their mind with a fantastic “ASSSSSSSSHHHHHHOOOOOOOOLLLLLEEEEEEE” chant louder than anything else chanted all night.

I swear, Referee Dan Miragliotta had quite literally the most ashamed, embarrassed, disappointed expression I’ve ever seen on anybody’s face after shoving Hardy off the opponent he had just kept his illegal hit-streak up against. As did everyone on UFC staff around the octagon, as did everyone on media row.

Hardy was set up for a win by the UFC in this bout, who were hoping to make him a star. I saw his odds close at anywhere from -475 to -550, but lucky for those who took the dog, he doomed himself once again in his life. Despicable on each and every level.

Kick him off the tour, Dana.