"Cowboy" Cerrone Gets The TKO, Calls Out Conor McGregor, And McGregor Accepts?!

Cowboy is BACK at Lightweight, and he made an absolutely vicious statement in his return against No. 11 ranked up-and-comer Alexander Hernandez.

Hernandez ran his mouth and talked a lot of shit about “Day Drinking Don” in the build to this fight, claiming Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone was way past his prime, nearing retirement, and even claimed he’d put him there as the biggest/baddest 155-er the division has to offer, but when it came down to it, Cerrone showed the youngster that he’s still got a LOT more left in the tank. From the start of round one, all the way until the finish in late round two, Cowboy was at his best, piecing up Hernandez with knees, elbows, head-kicks…I mean, truly, everything he could’ve hit the kid with – he did. And it was really god damn satisfying to watch.

The Barclays Center came UNGLUED when he got the TKO finish, as errrbody loves them some Cowboy, and loved him even more when he called out Conor McGregor post-fight.

Things then got very interesting on Twitter, afterwards, though, because what may have seemed like a preposterous, out-of-reach call out to some may become actually a reality, as it seems Conor McGregor has accepted the challenge…or so he says.


I blogged about the potential of this fight back in November when it was first rumored, and Cerrone posted a photo of him and “The Notorious” captioned, “Just waiting on him! “I know a guy”

…but simply put, I think it makes A TON of sense, and would fucking love to see the violence-fest these two would put on. It works on literally every level, and I’d love to see Cowboy get one of those massive McGregor paydays before his time is up. He’s an absolute legend and deserves it. Plus, there’d be a hell of a lot less hostility surrounding this matchup than Conor’s last few fights, as McGregor likes Cerrone, or at least respects him, and I’m SUPER down to *not* get death threats in the next build-up. Let’s do it!!!

Fingers crossed it comes to fruition sooner rather than later! Congrats to Cowboy on the fantastic win!