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Francesa Screws Up His Famous Super Bowl Trivia, Babbles In Circles For Almost 4 Minutes

You’re only gonna appreciate this if you’re a Francesa fan. So if you don’t watch him or know him, don’t bother. But every year around the Super Bowl he does a trivia contest where you gotta answer 4 in a row to win 2 tickets to the game. The 4th question is always an impossible audio clip and you have to say the person speaking. Ever since the internet and twitter got big, people cheat and have been figuring out his questions with ease. He hates the “innanet” so much its hilarious. So he’s been fucking fuming about that this week, and now he butchered this caller today who had him frazzled and ended up getting 4 questions right without an audio clip. Its his favorite time of the year and its been absolutely ruined this week. I love it.

Anyway, this is 4 straight minutes of Francesa saying the same three phrases over and over again. Its almost impressive that he can do it. Just says the same thing over and over ago like he didn’t say it 4 seconds earlier. Its like he really doesn’t know what came out of his mouth. He says Hank Stram, 3 questions instead of 4, in essence, rules are rules, and its my fault, like 50 times in 3 minutes. Just sitting on his throne babbling in circles while all the addicted peasants listen day after day after day.