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Weird Haircuts, *World Record Holders, 6'9'' Giants And More Are All Coming Together In 2 Weeks... Along With 3 Barstool Employees Too

We’re less than two weeks away till the Super Brawl in Atlanta. Celebrities and pro athletes far and wide will be filling up the Roxy to witness RnR history. Not only do we have these 2 gambling idiots fighting in a Main Event, but also $20 Chef pulverizing a Barstool Idol reject directly into the mat. And there’s already a bananaland group of fighters before that too. Here are some of the best RnR 7 promos so far.

Don’t let the lisp fool you. Zooth has got muscles on top of muscles and he’s ready to use them.

That beard can’t possibly be legal. PRAY for Super Thor.

Nevermind. The Thor’s are good to go.


Big Rig is ready too. All 6’9” of him.

What an electric intro from Der Meister. Don’t know what any of it means.

The hillbillies better start running for the hills with the Pink Pants Professor ready to show no mercy. CAN’T WAIT to see this guy step into the RnR ring against another grown man. It’s gonna be a Super Brawl to remember on February 1st. That is an El Pres promise.

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