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Mom Beats Up Her Daughter's 6th Grade Rival

Daily MailA mother has been arrested after she was allegedly filmed beating up a 12-year-old girl who had arranged to fight her daughter after school. Amber Lee Gutierrez, 33, surrendered to police after cell phone footage emerged showing her viciously attacking the young girl in a San Pedro, California alleyway on January 14. The video, first aired by local station KTLA, allegedly shows Gutierrez dragging the young girl along the ground before punching her across the back in an attack that left the child with a broken arm. Her daughter is also seen repeatedly striking her rival as Gutierrez’s sister pins the victim in place. The violent incident occurred after Gutierrez’s daughter agreed to fight her sixth-grade classmate from Dana Middle School at the end of the day, and brought her mother and aunt with her.

If I were to make a list of the last people on earth I would wanna get in a fight with, its neck and neck between 1) Sassy Black Chicks and 2) Moms In A Girl Fight. Sassy black chicks are terrifying but whenever you see these videos of moms who get involved in middle school girl beef they get fucking vicious. The completely disregard the law and the rules of parenting and everything that is right and moral and beat the fucking piss out of a 12 year old girl who called their daughter fat or something. And if you ever run across a Sassy Black Mom In A Girl Fight, run for the hills. She’s flat out gonna murder someone.

I’ll tell you what though – when you have an agreed upon meeting place and time to fight and you roll up with your mom and your aunt to do your dirty work your reputation is absolutely shot. I’d rather end getting stomped on by some white trash and walk out with a broken arm and my head held high than be the coward that hid behind her pig mother.