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The Complete And Utter Disrespect Of Rap Legend Soulja Boy Continues - Ariana Grande Rips Off His Flow For Her New Song "7 Rings"

“Ariana Grande??  ARIANAA GRANDEEEEE?”

Soulja Boy stepped out of the spotlight for like, 10 quick years, and in the blink of an eye, had everyone in the industry biting his whole style.

People underestimated Soulja’s claims and dismissed him as just a bitter relic of the past, upset the game had passed him by and latched on to new stars like Drake.  Well, wouldn’t  you know it, Soulja was dead right:

Next up?  It’s pop star Ariana Grande.  Ex-Miss Pete Davidson dropping a new track for her little 14 year old fans, straight up ripping the flow of “Pretty Boy Swag.”

When does it end?  When do all these so-called superstars stop building their careers off the back of Soulja Boy’s hard work?

It’s time for people to bow down and recognize the GOAT.