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Snapchat Hackers Claim To Have Over 200,000 Nude Images To Be Released In "The Snappening"



(Source) Hackers have warned that thousands of nude images sent via the mobile-messaging service Snapchat, many of which users believed self-destructed after being sent, are to be released online in a searchable database. Messaging boards on the notorious website 4chan have been filling up with news of the imminent leak, already being referred to as “The Snappening”.  It comes just weeks after hundreds of celebrity nudes were leaked online through the same site, following a hack of Apple’s iCloud that has come to be referred to as the Fappening. Earlier this week an anonymous 4chan user claimed to have hacked into Snapsave, an image-saving service that allows users of Snapchat to store pictures received before they self-destruct. By way of proof, the poster provided pictures allegedly from Snapsave.

Given the nature of the Snapchat service, many of the images are expected to be of an explicit nature, while the young demographic of Snapchat’s users could mean that some of the images released constitute child pornography. The 4chan thread, initially spotted by blogger and social media strategist Kenny Withers, warns that there are around 200,000 images set to be released.


Oh you mean all those nude pictures I took with the promise that snapchat deleted them immediately weren’t actually deleted? No Way! Look I’m not going to say that people are dumb for having their SnapChats leaked. In a perfect world you should be able to reasonably assume that hackers aren’t going to maliciously seek out hundreds of thousands of nudes and release them. But that’s the point, this isn’t a perfect world, This is 2014. People are fucked up. Of course this was going to happen. Anyone who didn’t see this coming is a moron. Yeah let me just take Snapchats word for it and hope they really are able to get rid of all my pictures, that sounds like a great idea. Thoughts and prayers to any stoolies out there that have a daughter, this is basically the scariest news possible.




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