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Bioethicist Says Fat-Shaming Is The Way To End Obesity

Today Health – Unhappy with the slow pace of public health efforts to curb America’s stubborn obesity epidemic, a prominent bioethicist is proposing a new push for what he says is an “edgier strategy” to promote weight loss: ginning up social stigma. Daniel Callahan, a senior research scholar and president emeritus of The Hastings Center, put out a new paper this week calling for a renewed emphasis on social pressure against heavy people — what some may call fat-shaming — including public posters that would pose questions like this: “If you are overweight or obese, are you pleased with the way that you look?” Weight-acceptance advocates and doctors who treat obesity reacted swiftly to the plan proposed by Callahan, a trim 82-year-old. “For him to argue that we need more stigma, I don’t know what world he’s living in,” said Deb Burgard, a California psychologist specializing in eatingdisorders and a member of the advisory board for the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance. “He must not have any contact with actual free-range fat people,” she added.  “The force of being shamed and beat upon socially was as persuasive for me to stop smoking as the threats to my health,” he wrote. “The campaign to stigmatize smoking was a great success turning what had been considered simply a bad habit into reprehensible behavior.” That same pressure could be applied to overweight people, perhaps leading to increased efforts by people to eat right, exercise  — and actually succeed in losing weight, Callahan argued.

Fat-shaming is absolutely the only way to get people to lose weight. The fact that anybody is even disputing this is absurd. Being fat and lazy is so much easier and better than eating like a bird and working out all the time. If I could live my life fat dumb and happy eating whatever I wanted forever, I’d be thrilled. But unfortunately there are consequences to living like a fat fuck. Those consequences are that you look gross and nobody will like you, nobody will fuck you, and nobody will want to hire you. Because the Fats are shunned and looked down upon. Plain and simple.

You think girls slave away at the gym so that they “feel better” and “have more energy?” You think dudes really care about how much weight they can lift? For sure not. People work out to avoid being fat so that people will have sex with them and so that they have friends. If we don’t shame fat people and don’t attach a social stigma they just end up blaming it on genetics and shit. There would be morbidly obese people everywhere. Positive reinforcement pretty much never works. The only way to get the Fats motivated is to scare them into understanding they will be social misfits and the outcasts of society. Tell a fat boy he’ll never get a girlfriend and tell a fat girl she’s gonna be made fun of by all the boys and thats gonna resonate a lot more than “you’ll feel good about yourself.” I can guaranfuckingtee that.

PS – Describing fat people as “free range” is absolute 10s. Fat people permitted to roam around the world grazing till their fat hearts are content.