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Fan Duel Hoops Continues Tomorrow Night

This was the winning team last week. Dropped 348 points. So basically with a 9 man roster you gotta average almost 40 points per man.  Obviously a 62 from Durant makes that a lot easier but overall you need a seriously balanced squad. I think the NFL tournaments were more about getting lucky and having the 2 or 3 guys that went absolutely berserk each week where the NBA Fan Duel is more about picking a balanced squad. I had a monster game from almost everyone on my squad but Luol Deng puts up 7 and Zach Randolph didnt even fucking play and I finish in 115th place. Gotta get 30+ from everyone.

Here is everything you need to know:

$6,000 in total prizes, $1500 for first place.
134 spots, prizes to 15th place.
$50 to enter, up to two entries allowed.
Tournament starts at 7pm EST on Friday. Payouts occur after games end.