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Stay Woke With Large- Black History


After completing what I consider a VERY successful 23andMe genetic test that I was given for Christmas, I am proud to report that yours truly is .0004% Carthaginian.

A quick Google search of Carthage showed that my newly found people are originally from what is now known as Tunisia, a North African country bordering the Mediterranean Sea and the Sahara Desert.

What I am telling you all is that I am slightly black…  Which explains a lot.


As such, I now feel a genetic responsibility to drop some knowledge on you, the reader, on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

There will be no cheesecake and very few jokes.  Just a couple of facts that will make you a little more “woke” to black history as we are entering into what is now a very sacred month for me and my Carthaginian ancestors…  Black History Month.


Most Americans know Martin Luther King was gunned down by James Earl Ray at The Lorraine Motel in 1968.  What many don’t realize is that MLK’s mother was also assassinated.

On June 30, 1974, six years after her son was killed, a deranged 23-year-old (fellow) black man named Marcus Wayne Chenault, who believed Christianity was harming African Americans, gunned Alberta King down as she played the organ in church.

Her son was 39 when he was killed while Alberta made it to 69 before Chenault shot her with two pistols as she sat at the organ of the Ebenezer Baptist Church.  Chenault stated that he shot King because “all Christians are my enemies”, and that black ministers were a menace to black people.

Marcus Wayne Chenault was sentenced to death but that was quickly commuted to life imprisonment because the Kings opposed capital punishment.

I have always admired the King family for that last little fact…  Even in the face of their matriarch being gunned down senselessly only a few short years after her son met a similar fate, the family members pled to keep her killer off of death row because they fundamentally believed that killing was wrong under any circumstance.

Conversely, I never found much respect for Cassius Clay.

A man who avoided going to war for reasons firmly rooted in the libertarian principle of “non-aggression”…  The understanding that it is wrong to initiate violence: to use force against those who have not used force against you.

This belief was enough to keep him out of fighting for his country but was put on hold when he was paid millions to try and knock somebody’s fucking head off in the ring…  I never understood why that hypocrisy didn’t tarnish his reputation.  Preach non-violence, but get paid to be violent seems like a natural conundrum, but what do I know?

Something to think about, I guess.

Take a report, my brothers…  Enjoy the day.


By the way…  Ever notice how killers tend to have 3 names?

– Marcus Wayne Chenault (Alberta King)
– James Earl Ray (MLK)
– Lee Harvey Oswald (John Kennedy)
– John Wilkes Booth (Abe Lincoln)
– Gary Leon Ridgway (Green River Killer- Convicted of 49, confessed to 71)
– Mark David Chapman (John Lennon)
– Paul John Knowles (Cassanova Killer- between 20-35 murders)
– John Wayne Gacy (33 young men)
– James Earl Jones (????)

I think you mean “to people like us” now, James…  I am Carthaginian.