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Does This Look Like The Face Of A Man Who Made His Fiance Swallow Her Engagement Ring When She Tried To Move Out?

MSNA Florida man was arrested after allegedly holding his girlfriend down and trying to force her to swallow her own engagement ring. Faron Thompson’s fiancee reportedly told him she was moving out, and cops say he flew into a rage, shoving the ring down her throat and covering her nose and mouth so she couldn’t breathe. The unnamed woman took her 1-year-old child, clad only in shoes and a diaper, and fled to a nearby Wal-Mart. She contacted the cops, who tracked down an unapologetic Thompson. “Women always claim assault but never accept responsibility for provoking someone,” Thompson told officers.

Again just like the last blog I’m not gonna condone assaulting women and children, but Jesus Christ sometimes you broads just don’t give us any choice. Look as far as I’m concerned, when you buy a chick a ring, she’s won. She’s obtained her ultimate goal. She spends years nagging and controlling you. Making you change your ways and give up all the shit that you love. When you finally give in and buy the ring, you’re waving the white flag. Its like “Fine. Here you go. I agree to all your fucking terms and stipulations.” And in turn I think you deserve some slack. After I buy a ring I’m expecting a serious grace period where I get to cash in on like $15,000 worth $10,000 worth $7,500 worth of peace and quiet. If that chick keeps on picking fights and nagging and then tries to give me back that ring you better believe I’m gonna go berserk. Like fuck you bitch! You already broke me. You already ruined my life. You’re keeping that fucking ring whether you like it or not. Whether its on your ring or in your fucking stomach you ain’t parting with that gift. You’ve been shoving your shit down my throat for years, now the tables have turned. You made your bed now eat this ring and fucking sleep.