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The Official Odds Are Out On The O/U For The National Anthem

I have started my research on good ole Gladys. Well…There isn’t much you can really do. There is only one version of her singing it in 1991 with no video. The only option is the audio and she has some fire vocals.

In 1991 she was 41 which is a huge factor because now she is in here 70s. This is a mind fuck because in that video she blasted through the song like it was nobodies business. This video gives you no context of what event she was singing at or what was going on in her life. This is a serious bet you, need to know every little detail about this person before you put some coin on them. She is obviously older now but looks stronger than ever. I haven’t hard much about Gladys so my initial thoughts is that she has to drag this shit out for at least two minutes. She has been going on a tour of saying how she wants to bring the US together after this performance. If you want to bring the whole country together, there is no chance she slows this down. Check back soon when I get some more info.

This will be a a grind but we will do it together I will sadly spend most of my weekend listening to this over and over but you have to put in the hours.