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Voice Of Charlie Brown Arrested For Stalking His Ex Because He Paid For Her Boob Job And Then She Broke Up With Him

Gimme back those tits.

(NEWSER) – More details are trickling out on why, exactly, the “voice of Charlie Brown” was arrested Sunday: Peter Robbins was, allegedly, quite unhappy that he paid for a breast enhancement for a girlfriend … and then the relationship didn’t last. The 56-year-old is accused of stalking and threatening both the ex-girlfriend and the plastic surgeon; he pleaded not guilty yesterday,the AP reports. Prosecutors say Robbins followed the surgeon, calling and threatening her so many times in his demands for a refund that she moved to a hotel and hired an armed guard for her office. Robbins is also accused of demanding his girlfriend get a refund for the surgery, and of demanding she return his dog and his car; he allegedly made as many as 37 calls in one 24-hour period threatening to kill her and her son. On New Year’s Eve, he allegedly confronted his ex in a hotel room, where he beat the dog and said he wouldn’t stop—and would kill her, too—unless she got a refund. He’s also accused of grabbing her by the neck and shoving her against a door the same night. Prosecutors say he had been practicing shooting and had recently bought a gun, which he had yet to pick up.

Good greif bro! I can’t say I condone beating dogs and threatening to murder women and children but buying a chick new tits should come with some sort of warranty or guarantee or protective clause. Like as far as I’m concerned that dude owns those bags of silicon. He bought them. You’re just holding them for him inside your tits. You’ve simply borrowed those implants. Either you stick with that guy so he can get some return on his investment, or you get a refund for him. Personally if it was me I’d be real spiteful about the whole thing – wouldn’t even ask for a refund. I’d just ask for the implants back. Use one as a paper weight and the other as a stress reliever or something. How much of a power move is that? You keep the car and the dog – I want your tits. That would be the most spiteful move in the history of break ups. Imagine Peter Robbins just gets in the booth ready to lay down some “good griefs” for Chuck and he’s squeezing his wife’s titty implant in his hand? Kinda ruins the whole vibe of “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” no?