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Dan Snyder Has Fully Embraced His Role As A Bond Villain

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This fucking guy Dan Snyder. I swear, I never think he can out-do himself and then he does. He does it. Over the last 20 years he has meticulously and systematically broken down and destroyed every inch of the Washington Redskins. He has killed the fanbase, the once legendary status of the franchise, and taken the souls of everyone who supports the team. He’s become the team owner who does things his way not because it’s the right way, but because everyone tells him not to. He spites the fans and the rest of the NFL on purpose just because he’s rich and because he can. He’s without a doubt the worst owner in the league, and perhaps all of the 4 major sports.

And now he’s gone full Bond villain:

Guardian - Dan Snyder, the American billionaire owner of the Washington National Football League (NFL) team, is taking delivery of a new superyacht, complete with the world’s first floating private Imax movie theatre – at an additional $3m (£2.3m) cost.

You may think that sailing a 93-metre (305ft) yacht to the world’s most extraordinary locations would be the ultimate luxury experience. However, up-close encounters with penguins on the Galápagos Islands or sharks off the coast of South Africa do not appear to be immersive enough for Snyder.

“He wanted an Imax, that was his main request,” Jan-Bart Verkuyl, the chief executive of Feadship’s Royal Van Lent shipyard, told the Guardian this week. Verkuyl refused to identify the owner, describing him only as a “US billionaire”. The Guardian has since established, via several sources, that the buyers of the yacht, which is understood to have cost more than $100m, are Snyder, 54, and his wife Tanya. A spokesperson for Snyder declined to comment.

Lady S also features a pair of 8K HD TVs, a helipad, four VIP suites and facilities that “cater to a wide range of sports, including golf, basketball, volleyball and football”. The interior of the vessel is described as “akin to a beautiful and contemporary jewellery box”.

I mean, COME ON! What a Bond villain move times infinity. He saw Jerry Jones got a $150 million yacht and wanted to one-up him. So how did he do it? He decided to become the first person to ever put an IMAX theater on a boat. For an additional $3 million, no less. I’ll give him this- it’s a fucking flex. If I was worth multiple billions of dollars, I would do extravagant shit like this as well. But how brain dead and cocky do you have to be to do it while the entire world hates you? That’s just Dan Snyder Life. When the whole world hates you, you make them hate you even more. It’s a method he’s been perfecting for the last 2 decades, that we know of. Probably his whole life. Just an absolute shit head of a human being.

I would say he’s self aware and all that, but he probably isn’t. He’s simply a masochist to the highest degree. He’s like the dude in Black Mirror who cums from pain. Every time Dan Snyder can fuck over the Redskins more, he gets higher and higher off life. He’s a horrific person and I wish him nothing but the worst.