Elizabeth Hurley Did The 10 Year Challenge And She Looks Better Now

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What a joke. What an absolute joke. Elizabeth Hurley is incredible. You know that if you’re a regular reader of Barstool because I give updates on her all the time. She’s eternal. Sorry to objectify but she’s aging like a wine. She’s the only person in the world who did the 10 Year Challenge and had the picture on the right look better than the picture on the left. Your friends on Facebook tried to find the very best, most Snap chat filtered modern day pictures of themselves hoping people wouldn’t see how much uglier they’ve gotten over the last decade but it didn’t work. Everybody ages and gets worse looking. Everybody but Elizabeth Hurley, that is. Elizabeth Hurley didn’t have to do any of that. She simply found a picture of herself she took recently and she just so happened to look better now than 10 years ago.