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Young M.A. Dropped an Absolute Heater Freestyle

“Last minute in the 4th quarter I was down 1, then I hit that fadeaway jumper shut the crowd up, feelin’ like Tyson knockin’ n****s out in round 1, Fuck being number 2 I’m coming for that #1″ SHEEEEEEEESH!!!!!!

I’m such a sucker for a good sports reference but regardless Young M.A. is probably one of the most slept on rappers of this generation. No matter how much the rap game has changed bars will always matter and she has them for DAYS. That combo of the grimey NY flow and confidence with the crazy punchlines is a recipe for consistent fire. She’s been dropping these freestyles every now and then (along with a few mainstream bangers) and they never disappoint. EAT is my favorite she’s ever done. 6 minutes straight of hard BARS. “Shake the haters off like a dog do when its wet” SHEEEEESH

I wish she could come out with these more often but she’s invested significant time over the last year or so into her true passion of being the director of an all female porno. She parlayed being a rapper into becoming an adult film director for the GOAT of the porn industry, PornHub. That is a POWER move if I’ve ever seen one. For the record I am a fan of her work in both industries. “You call her Stephanieee, I call her Heaadddphanieeeeee”