You Don't Think Soulja Boy Still Has The Juice? Here He Is Burning Down The Barclays Center Last Night


I got goosebumps when the Crank Dat beat dropped and I will not apologize. Soulja Boy still got it. All the haters and losers are sick after watching that video. The crowd at the Barclays Center were falling outta their chairs last night trying to do the Soulja Boy dance when got brought out at Yams Day. He burned it to the ground. Big Draco had some real problems getting his jacket off, but once he did, he gave the people wanted they wanted and what they wanted was Soulja Boy. Love him or hate him, he moves the needle. He’s got the people talking. He was the #1 trend on Twitter yesterday. He may or may not have invented every rapper you listen to today. He made the entire 3rd floor at Barstool Sports HQ smell like grape swishers. He’s an entertainer. Have some damn respect.

You know who wasn’t invited to perform last night?

Spot the lie