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This New Tom Brady Song Over A Hamilton Beat Is HEATTTTTTTTTTTT

Oh my goodness. Two of my favorite things in the world, Tom Brady and Hamilton (Yeah I recognized that was the “My Shot” beat on my own and if you didn’t you’re a peasant), have collided and it’s just been on repeat since I first heard it. Haven’t even considered heading over to New Music Friday. To hell with Future, screw that Ariana Grande song that every girl I know is Instagramming, Maggie Rogers can wait. Today is only about “TB12’s Mind,” the AFC Championship Anthem by LaroyStreat. No one else holds a candle. Though I’m not sure I love the “shootin’ up wins and snortin’ through rings” line, as that kind of drug use is clearly not in the TB12 diet.

Thankfully, Laroy makes up for it with that final Brady “LET’S GOOOOOOOOO” drop. Turn it up and let’s do exactly that.

PS – I kinda hate loving Hamilton because it’s so cliche but it was fucking awesome so what do you want me to do?