Steve-O Says That He Used To Snort Cocaine Mixed With A Little HIV-Infected Blood To Up The Thrill

You guys know me. I dont cocaine shame. If you like doing cocaine and whathaveyou, that’s your biz. I’m not here to judge. All I ask, and I believe this is a light request, is that you dont mix in a little HIV with your cocaine. In my opinion, that’s taking it just a touch too far. I’m glad ole Steve-O is clean because he sparked much joy in my heart.

I loved JackAss more than just about any show when I was a young and angsty teen. I remember recording the shows on VHS tapes and watching them over and over again. I thought, “these are the kinda fellas who just love a good afternoon of casual goofin. Eating goldfish? Hilarious. Getting hit in the nuts? Baby, sign me up.” Now I know that they were knee-deep in HIV Cocaine and that paints an entirely different picture on the whole program. Maybe their antics were problematic and I never even knew.

Take this scene for example.

I’ve always wanted to share this clip and I think because of the whole HIV cocaine thing I need to lighten the mood a little bit. When I first saw this scene in the theatre, I almost threw up from laughing. I was hunched over my seat and thought that I might die because I couldnt catch my breath. What a classic. If you make it through this without laughing, we cant be friends. It’s disgusting but hilarious. NSFW.