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Forget About Selena Gomez And Those Sluts In Spring Breakers, The Fckin Foam Tour Is Invading Panama City Beach

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So the internet has been buzzing the past few weeks about this new movie “Spring Breakers” where a bunch of hot chicks run around in neon bikinis wreaking havoc partying. Um, thats pretty much every single Blackout and Foam party we throw. I think we invented that shit. Should probably get royalties off whatever that movie grosses.

I guarantee the video Gaz whips up after Fckin Foam in Panama City Beach is gonna be better than this Selena Gomez movie. It will probably go straight to YouJizz because of what goes on a PCB. I mean you guys have seen the other trailers – chicks in fucking Buffalo and Poughkeepsie in the dead of winter are borderline naked and having sex – imagine those girls in a spring break setting? Forget about it. Its gonna make this gallery look like child’s play.




Two shows.  Both at the Boardwalk Beach Resort in Panama City Beach. And all the following schools have spring break these weeks: Rutgers, MiamiU, Coastal Carolina, ESU, UMASS, UCONN, Towson, UNH, and USC. Thats like a who’s who lineup of Blackout MVPs.