We Need To Put An End To Old People Buying Young People's Blood Right Away


Business Insider – To Jesse Karmazin, a startup founder and Stanford Medical School graduate, blood is the next big government-approved drug.

Roughly three years ago, Karmazin launched Ambrosia, a startup that fills the veins of older people with blood from younger donors, hoping the procedure would help conquer aging by rejuvenating the body’s organs. As Business Insider previously reported, there’s little to no evidence to suggest this would work. The company is now up and running, Karmazin told Business Insider on Wednesday. Ambrosia recently revamped its website with a list of clinic locations and is now accepting payments for the procedure via PayPal. Two options are listed: 1 liter of young blood for $8,000, or 2 liters for $12,000.

I swear to god it’s the smartest people in the world who are actually the dumbest sacks of shit on the planet. Like all those science bitches who are inventing robots right now? You idiots aren’t going to look so smart when the robots take over the world and human beings become slaves to the artificial intelligence. And then this Jesse Karmazin character. This dude probably thinks he’s so goddamn smart to come up with the concept to “conquer aging” by “rejuvenating” old bastards with the blood of young people.

But if he’s right? And if this shit actually works? Well then Jesse Karmazin is a threat and an enemy to the entire world. Because if there’s one thing this world needs less of, it’s old people.

Nothing against old people in general but aging is a part of life. You’re born, you’re a kid, you grow up a little, you do some shit, you get old, you die. That’s the circle of life. You’re going to do it one day. I’m going to do it one day. Everybody is going to do it one day. We’re all going to die and that’s kind of the beauty of life. But part of getting old means that you start to suck. Sorry if that offends but it’s true. Old people start to become a burden on the ones who love them the most, so just imagine how much of a burden they become on people who don’t even love them at all.

But now we’ve got ol’ wizard dick Jesse Karmazin trying to claim that he’s found the path to immortality and he’s created an entire business dedicated solely to keeping old people alive longer. What an idiot. What an absolute idiot. You do realize that absolutely nobody besides the old people themselves want this to work, correct? Seems pretty selfish of you to be pissing off 95% of the population just so you can make a quick buck.

The only saving grace here is the fact that there’s “little to no evidence to suggest this would work”. So maybe this thing is all just a big hoax. Maybe this dude is just preying on old people to hand him over their money like those QVC commercials do. And if that’s the case, well then Jesse Karmazin is obviously still a bad person but there are millions of awful people in the world. He can just take a number.