Is This The Dumbest Tweet Of All Time?

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Hmmmm. I’m going to take a stab at this one real quick. I don’t have much time so let’s give it a shot.


NBA Total Revenue – Anywhere north of 4.5 Billion Dollars

WNBA – 6 of the 12 teams are profitable, that means half of the teams lose money, they need the NBA to stay afloat. The money Kobe’s jersey sales generate probably pay for those teams to operate and then some.

NBA New TV Contract – 2.6 Billion dollars a year.

WNBA TV Contract – 12 million dollars a year.


Does that work? This honestly might be the dumbest tweet of all time and that’s coming from probably the biggest WNBA fan in the world. I laughed out loud when I saw it, literally laughed out loud. Lisa Stokes probably thought she was dropping a bombshell of knowledge on our face with that one. Whoa! Kobe makes that much more than EDD??? Got us!