Am I The Most Famous Person At Barstool?

unnamed (30)

You know, this is a blog I didn’t think I’d be writing today…or ever. But I think it’s a must due to my new-found stardom. Today Spider came down to the 2nd floor and whispered “erika wants to see you in her office” so I basically thought I was getting shit canned…he said it with such disappointment and sadness (must’ve been a long day for the office manager). Come to find out, our lovely CEO Erika Nardini was meeting with a “very senior candidate” I’m not really sure what that means, but it sounds important. So let’s just say our CEO was meeting with someone very important. And who did this very important person want to meet? I’ll let the tweet speak for itself:

I’m a complete squid…so thats the definition of a Chiclets bump right there.