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Homeless Dude Commits Suicide Running Head First Into The Side Of The Subway

NY Post - A homeless man was killed when he ran head-first into the side of a northbound 2 train yesterday as it barreled into the Times Square station during the morning rush hour, police said. Witness Antonio Garcia, who was standing on the uptown platform at around 10 a.m., said he saw the suicidal man wait for the first car of the Broadway express to pass him before he threw himself head first into the side of the train. “He didn’t want to jump in front of the train. He didn’t want the guy to stop,” Garcia said. Police said the man had no ID and appeared to be in his 30s or 40s.

I can’t blame this bum one bit. If I was homeless during this weather I’d run my head directly into the 2 train also. Its 11 fucking degrees! How are you supposed to be homeless during this weather? I’d absolutely kill myself too. Either that or I’d walk to Florida. Never understood why homeless people don’t head south for the winter like birds.

But more importantly what in the fuck is going on in the subways? Whether its been suicides, murders, or mistakes, there’s been like a dozen deaths in the subway in the past 2 months. The Asian dude that got thrown on the tracks. The dude taking a shit in between cars.  The guy rolling around drunk who got his pelvis destroyed. One dude the other day was napping underneath the platform and just got his fucking leg chopped off. The list goes on and on. Its like the subways are cursed or something. Its like The Happening where everyone is poisoned and just walking off cliffs and killing themselves and shit. Straight up there’s no explanation for this.

PS – How about this dude running into the side of the train? I honestly wouldn’t think that would be enough to kill you. Thought it would just be more of like running head first into a wall. Oh well. The More You Know.