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A Guy And His Son Were Being Hunted By A Group Of Killer Whales So They Baby Talked Them Until They Went Away

Remember the movie “Blackfish?” For those of you who don’t, it was a film about Seaworld and its mistreatment of Orca whales, specifically a whale named Tilikum. Who during his captivity purposefully killed (murdered) several of his trainers by gaining their trust then striking once they let their guard down. Which is exactly what’s happening in this video, the idiots in the boat just don’t know it. They think they’re surrounded by a bunch of golden retriever puppies, not ten-ton killing machines. I’m not saying they needed to rush out of there the second they swam up (they did), but shutting the motor off and baby talking them probably isn’t the smartest move. Especially when you’re in a dinghy the size of a dorsal fin.

The one whale even flipped over to distract them while his buddies planned the ambush.

Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 4.15.27 PM

I kept waiting for them to charge the boat and flip it over like they did to that poor seal in Planet Earth.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe they knew what they were doing the whole time, but I doubt it. Killer whales don’t just pop up to say hello before they go back down below. They’re assassins. And these two goobers are lucky to be alive.