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Happy Future Friday! Future Hndrxx Presents: The WIZRD

Did Hndrxx do it again or did Hndrxx do it again?! Lil Baby and Gunna may have the game in a headlock right now but Future is still the GOAT of this trap rap shit. DS2 is one of the best projects of all time and after hearing the first two singles he released off “Future Hndrxx Presents: The WIZRD”, “Jumpin on a Jet” and “Crushed Up” I’ve been waiting for this shit to drop like Tyrone Biggums.

“Ya’ll got anymore of those Future tracks?”

SPOILER: It’s another smash. I stayed up last night to listen to it and then woke up early to listen to it this morning just so Future could bless my ears one more time before I got out of bed and faced the day. Everything this man touches turns to gold. He has such a way of gliding over these trap beats like a figure skater gliding across the ice. So graceful and majestically it makes me wanna shed a thug tear. Future even went out of his way to bless us with 20 tracks in a world where rappers are being encouraged to drop fewer songs at a time on projects. What a generous guy that Future is, god bless his dear soul. Some of my favorites off the album are “Temptation”, “Call the Coroner”, “Unicorn Purp” and……. all the rest of them too. Every single track. It’s all heat. I could listen to this album all the way through and vibe the entire time. I’ve already done it three times. Here’s some advice. When you get home from work or school today, scroll up a blunt that resembles the shape and size of a baseball bat, blast The WIZRD through your speakers and have a god damn Friday!

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