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Study Reveals Condoms Don't Make Sex Less Enjoyable

MSN – There goes that excuse: Condoms don’t make sex less enjoyable for either men or women, a new study has found. Americans ages 18 to 59 who completed an online questionnaire about their sex habits consistently rated safe sex to be equally “highly arousing and pleasurable” as unprotected sex. The nationwide study also found that men had no trouble maintaining erections while putting on condoms and that many women couldn’t perceive the difference between lubricated and nonlubricated condoms in the heat of the moment. If you have any other objections to safe sex, these experts would probably be happy to shoot those down, too

And this study is the most incorrect study of all time. Everything mentioned in this description is completely and utterly false. As highly arousing and pleasurable as unprotected sex? For sure not. No trouble maintaining erections with condoms? If I’ve had a few beers and a chick pulls out a condom I’ll need a splint to get that thing inside her. Women couldn’t perceive the difference between lubricated and non lubricated? Bull fucking shit. Non lubricated condoms are like covered in baby powder and deodorant. Its like trying to fuck with sandpaper wrapped around your dick. Any chick who says she can’t tell the difference has just never had sex. Its like the 40 year old virgin talking about tits feeling like bags of sand. They just don’t know what it feels like.

And thats just the beginning. What about the smell? The noxious fumes of rubber mixed with lube and vagina is enough to knock a man out mid-session. When the condom gets bunched up and smushes your dick into a chode? Miserable. And honestly after I’ve busted a nut the last, last, LAST thing I wanna deal with is a stinky rubber full of semen. The reservoir tip just dangling off my dick like the line on a fishing pole. Thats not hot for her or me. Plain and simple this study was comprised solely of virgins. Its the only explanation possible.

PS – You ever use those numbing condoms? Those things are downright terrifying. You really can’t feel anything. I kept on looking down to make sure my dick didn’t fall off inside of her.