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Weird Radar Blips Keep Showing Up Across Huge Areas of the Country and No One Has a Good Explanation

SourceThe mystery was solved. Then it wasn’t. Then it was.

Now, well, who knows?

Back on Dec. 10, the Evansville area was embroiled in intrigue when mysterious radar blips appeared over Southern Illinois and Western Kentucky. The long lines baffled the National Weather Service because they looked like storms – but it wasn’t raining.

The War Zone eventually confirmed the anomalies arose when a C-130 traveling to West Virginia from a military exercise out west released over our area huge plumes of military chaff – radar-jamming material mostly composed of aluminum.

Sounds reasonable. But it does nothing to explain what happened in Maine and Florida around the same time.

Similar blips materialized on radar over Portland, Maine, on Dec. 12. The National Weather Service there also guessed chaff was to blame.

According to The War Zone, the one Maine Air National Guard flying unit doesn’t have any planes equipped to release chaff. And it’s not like a plane from a different base would jet all the way to Maine just to spew chaff.

That same day, strange radar shapes appeared over the Florida Keys, too. …

“We believe there is more to the story than what the FAA and military and publications such as ‘The War Zone’ are telling us,” an investigator from the Mutual UFO Network told me in an email after the blips appeared over Illinois and Kentucky. “There are a high number of factoids that don’t add up.”

OK. No reason to be alarmed. Just completely inexplicable phenomena showing up all over our nation’s radar system. One C-130 dropping chaff like it was glitter on a school poster all over Southern Illinois for absolutely no reason might have added up. Two planes dropping the stuff is a bizarre coincidence. Now we’ve got these signatures all over the place and nobody is saying why? Sure, let’s forget the whole thing and just go about our business. We’ve got a long weekend coming up and The Masked Singer on the DVR. Who’s got time to worry about a little thing like massive, widespread aerial phenomena no one is explaining.

This should come as a shock to no one, but I’m with the unnamed guy from the Mutual UFO Network. Those MUFON cats know what they’re talking about. I’m not saying that what’s showing up on our radar is aliens probing our defenses as a precursor to an all out invasion. I’m not saying it isn’t, either. It could be natural. Sun spots maybe. It could be the Russians or Chinese messing with us. It could Roger Goodell because everything that sounds sinister has a good likelihood of being Roger Goodell. But when the authorities come up with a semi-plausible explanation for one occurrence and then pretty much tries to drop the subject as it happens again and again, that is some real Men in Black, Cigarette-Smoking Man stuff. Either they’re lying or they themselves don’t know. And I’m not sure which proposition is scarier. I’m just going to finish my bunker and get ready to welcome our new alien overlords.