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Pavel Datsyuk Is Still Making Insane No Look Passes Over In The KHL

The Magic Man still has it! 40-year-old Pavel Datsyuk was at it again on Wednesday night, setting up a goal for his KHL team SKA St. Petersburg with an insane behind the back pass.

I wrote a few months back about Datsyuk possibly making a return to the NHL and I’m here to double down. The guys can 100% still play in the NHL and you are crazy if you think otherwise.

Think the Bruins are a wagon now? Imagine if they could add Pavel Datsyuk down the stretch as a 3rd line center? Or even a team like Tampa….they’d be ecstatic to add him to their bottom 6. Any team that is fit for a deep playoff run would love to add a guy like Pavel Datsyuk to their roster. I think it is coming too. Obviously not this year, because his contract with the Coyotes isn’t up until the end of the season. But keep an eye out this summer….when there is smoke there is usually a fire.