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What Do You Do When Your Car Is About To Get Towed? You Do Something About It

No idea if that is an old video or not. It’s impossible to tell. Things like that happen so frequently in Russia that it could be from 15 years ago or 15 minutes ago. I asked a couple of my colleagues and they came to the same conclusion as me. Russia has been/is such a hot bed for crazy car videos since the invention of the internet that every time one gets blogged there has to be a disclaimer. I respect the shit outta that dude for taking matters into his own hands and presumably (surprise, I don’t speak Russian) saying, “Not today. Not fucking today. Some days you eat the bear and some days the bear eats you. I’m eating today” and drove right the hell off the truck and peeled away. Mad respect.

Flip side, imagine being a tow truck driver in Russia, that’s gotta be a top-3 most dangerous job in that country. It’s probably #1. Here in the States, being a tow truck driver is perfectly fine and normal job because Americans follow the rules and generally have respect for one another (sorta). Being a tow truck driver in Russia, though? That’s like being a police officer or a fire fighter here. Tow truck drivers in Russia hug and kiss their loved ones with intent every time they leave the house in the morning because they don’t know if they’ll return. Russian tow truck drivers are heroes.