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The degenerates are ecstatic today as we are gifted a 3pm basketball game. It isn’t a miserable game like Marist vs Eastern Michigan in Ireland but it we have Knicks @ Wizards. I actually take that back, this is a pretty shitty game. It is the only game on so you have to bet it.

Knicks @ Wizards -8

The Wizards are just not a good team but fought their hearts out against the Raptors as they lost by two in double overtime. They are going into London looking for blood. I was out on the Knicks once Fizdale said I want to keep them off their feet but they need to experience the culture, new food, new everything. Who gives a fuck about the culture at this moment, this isn’t a college team. You have grown men that are all millionaires that can afford to go to London after the season. Your team is on a 2-17 skid I feel like you should just worry about the game. Enes Kanter also did not travel because of the Turkish president and all that crazy shit, this will hurt them. His quote was some scary stuff, “They got a lot of spies there. I can get killed pretty easy.” If Enes made the trip and said fuck the spies, I would be on Knicks money line but thats not the case. The Wizards are also obviously without John Wall and Dwight Howard but they have been handling that pretty well. Bradley Beal has stepped up as the man of the team averaging 36 points over the the past three games. I think he is going to torch this Knicks defense.

Wizards -8 and O/228.5 

Win these two bastards and take it right into the night games.