Rex Ryan Got In A Car Accident But Its A Big News Story Because Its The Jets

NESNRex Ryan is having an offseason to forget. In his quest to put this year behind him, however, it appears that he failed to follow all the proper rules of the road. The New York Jets’ head coach wrecked his red Mustang in a three-car crash last Monday, according to Deadspin, after running a red light in Bethlehem, Pa. According to Deadspin’s police source, Ryan ran a red light on Jan. 14 at the corner of West 3rd and Wyandotte Street in Bethlehem. Ryan reportedly crashed into another car, which in turn collided with a third. “It’s a blind hill to some degree,” a police source described to Deadspin’s Dom Cosentino. There were no injuries to report at the scene, and Ryan told police that he wasn’t speeding. And while it’s unclear if Ryan was given a citation for the wreck, one thing is certain — a three-car pileup is nothing compared to what the Jets coach dealt with all season long at work.

Well there you have it, folks. The Jets offseason has turned from a metaphorical wreck to an actual one. This is such a non story in my mind except for one thing:

The way everyone keeps specifying he was driving a red Mustang. Primarily because I think everyone can agree Rex cruising around in a red Mustang is absolutely hilarious for some reason. It just fits in with his persona so fucking perfectly. If this was some other coach besides Rex and he was driving a black SUV or something it would be an absolute non story. But its a loud foot fucking fatso driving a red Mustang around like he’s in Fast and the Furious so everyone is talking about it. Nobody hurt, nobody drunk. Just everyone hanging on Rex’s every move because the world is obsessed with the New York Jets.