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Oklahoma State Kicks Three Players Off The Team So Now They Have To Host Tryouts in The Middle Of The Season

Sure, the story here might be that Oklahoma State just kicked three guys off the team including Michael Weathers, one of the more talented players on the roster. But, nope, not here. The real story is hosting tryouts in the middle of the season.

Here’s the only requirements:

Those interested in trying out must …
• Be a full-time student at OSU
• Be within your five-year NCAA eligibility window (first enrolled in fall of 2014)
• Have proof of health insurance
• Have had a physical within the last six months
• Proof of a sickle cell test (can be done at the Student Health Center)

I have insurance and a sickle cell test. I’m just one or two steps away from trying out for Oklahoma State. I need this to turn into some sort of Invincible story. I need some kid on Oklahoma State’s campus who decided to not play D2 hoops or something like that tryout and then turn into a guy that drops 20 in a game.

Or at the minimum give me a guy who will be A+ bench mob material. Right now there are only 9 players listed on Oklahoma State’s official roster. One of those is Big Country Bryant Reeves’ kid who was awarded a scholarship earlier this year.