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PSA: Please Stop Sending Mike Tyson Pictures Of A Tattooed Egg

First things first, stop it. Cut it out everybody. I’m serious. This blog is a Public Service Announcement to to tell people to stop sending Mike Tyson pictures of a tattooed egg. He doesn’t want to see that shit. He’s furious about it. He probably doesn’t understand why it’s happening. You think Mike Tyson is plugged in enough to the happenings of the internet that he knows about the record-breaking egg? Not a chance. Everybody stop. It’s mean. It’s not funny.

Second, that is laugh out loud funny. For some reason I don’t follow Mike on Twitter but I laughed so hard when KFC retweeted it onto my timeline. The internet is the the best despite all of it’s warts. Think about it. So many things had to fall into place for Iron Mike to be getting angry about a picture of a tattooed egg being sent to him non-stop. I just picture him sitting in his giant mansion being like, “WHY? WHY ARE THEY SENDING ME THIS STUPID EGG WITH MY TATTOO? IT MAKES NO SENSE!”

Also, a little Internet 101 for Mike here, the worst way to get people to stop sending you a picture of a tattooed egg is to tell them to stop sending you a picture of a tattooed egg. Internet folks are like sharks and, as soon as they smell blood in the water, they attack and won’t stop. They’re relentless. The best thing he could’ve done was to not mention the tattooed egg at all. Now he’s gonna be sent a picture of a tattooed egg every day for the rest of his life until he dies and after that too.