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Scientists Pin Point Wednesday Afternoons At 3:30PM Is The Time When Girls Look Their Ugliest

MSN - Ladies, if you’re looking in the mirror right now, thinking, “Gee, I look old,” don’t worry. It could be worse. It could be Wednesday at 3:30 p.m., which researchers have pinpointed as the precise moment during the week women look oldest. According to a study sponsored by a skin-care company, two-thirds of women experience an energy “slump” on Wednesday afternoons. By Wednesday, experts add, weekend partying and workweek insomnia catch up with our skin. On Thursday, though, weekend anticipation boosts moods. That’s when women report they are most likely to have sex, which may be why on Friday, 60 percent say they’re at their happiest and most glowing.

Wednesday at 3:30pm is probably the exact moment I’m peaking as a human being each week. The fact that this is the worst moment of the week for chicks just goes to show how backwards they are. Wednesday afternoon the perfect moment when I’ve finally stopped feeling like a piece of shit from the weekend of boozing. My hungover Monday is a distant memory. I’ve finally gotten rid of the shakes. I can eat solid food again. Boring ass Tuesday has come and gone. Seriously aside from Taco Tuesdays at Taco Bell what the fuck does Tuesday have to offer? Absolutely nothing. No good TV is ever on, nobody really wants to party. Tuesday is just lame as shit.

Wednesday afternoon you know you’re on the downhill side of the week. Over the hump and approaching the weekend. Honestly I think the only 24 hours I’m ever feeling happy and looking good are from Wednesday 3:30pm to Thursday 3:30pm. Everything before that is hungover or boring and everything after that is drunk and deplorable. I try to cram all my good blogs into that period because I’m mailing in my entire life the other days of the week. But there are chicks – suffering an “energy slump” looking old as fuck when most guys are hitting their stride. So freakin backwards. Hey at least they like to fuck on Thursdays though? We all love that shit.