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Watch: Smokeshow MTV Personality Julia Rose Make Her NFC Championship Pick While Turning Her Body Into An Ice Cream Sundae

Okay, I’ll admit that Julia may just be a Rams fan instead of making her expert pick for Sunday’s game. I would never assume a person’s pick based simply on the clothes they wear. But the ice cream sundae part still holds true. The same week as the anniversary of the whipped cream bikini no less!

Anyway, I saw this video on Instagram and figured it belonged up on the blog since it was pretty much an upgraded version of those old Carl’s Jr. commercials that likely got a ton of #clicks and remember Julia from MTV. For those that don’t know, Julia was on Are You The One a few seasons ago Guys were willing to risk it all just for a chance to get a few minutes alone with her. Guys selling out their “perfect match” girlfriends on the show, being completely devastated after losing a challenge, and crying their guts out over her. True Helen of Troy shit and you can see why. That video melted my eyeballs or whatever was left in my eye sockets from Julia’s old IG posts.