JR Smith Tweeting Fire At Kris Humphries

You see its funny because Kanye West knocked up Kris Humphries’ wife.

I hate to toss around the R word. “Rivalry” might be the most overused term in all of sports now. Its just something teams and leagues use to promote certain games and sell tickets and bolster ratings. So when all of New York was ready to proclaim the Nets-Knicks a big rivalry after a couple regular season games, I thought it was stupid. They haven’t even played a truly meaningful game against each other. But I will say there does seem to be an extra something when these two teams meet. I don’t know whether its because the Brooklyn bandwagon fans and their “Brrrooookkklllyynnn” chant are nauseating. I don’t know if its because guys like Kris Humphries might be the biggest tools on the planet. But I find myself hating the Nets more than usual after a pretty standard 2-2 season split. For some absurd reason they don’t meet again this season, but at this rate the 2 through 6 seeds in the Eastern Conference are wide open. Theres plenty of first and second round matchups possible for these two. And one rough 7 game series is gonna be enough to officially start throwing around the R word.

And for real, Kris Humphries has gotta be the biggest fucking loser on the planet earth. He’s just like that kid who always tries to hang out at parties or sit with you at lunch and he just lingers around and thinks he’s one of the gang when nobody can fucking stand him. Just a big mouth breather goon.