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In Honor Of Albert Pujols' Birthday Yesterday, Wake Up With His Best Moment Ever....THE Homer Off Of Brad Lidge

When Albert Pujols' career is over, there's a very good chance this rocket goes down as his best all time moment. It's one of the most memorable moments in baseball in our era, Pujols absolutely deflating the Astros' crowd and ballpark. He demolished this pitch from Brad Lidge in Game 5 of the 2005 NLCS. Demolished actually may be an understatement. Ask any baseball fan around who is old enough to remember this and they can probably tell you exactly where they were when they saw the Pujols Bomb.
Lidge hung a slider and Pujols didn't miss. The second he hits the ball you can just hear the crowd groan, probably because they know there was a chance that ball was going to land in their front yard. It didn't, because the roof was closed, but the ball bounced off the roof/windows and went onto the train tracks in left. Balls have been hit up there before, it's not uncommon, but there was something different about this one by Albert. This three run homer in the top of the ninth would be the eventual game winner and guaranteed another game for the Cardinals, although they would lose the following game allowing the Astros to advance to the World Series.
Did that game break Brad Lidge for a year? Possibly, the following season he had a 5.28 ERA and went 1-5, but he would rebound to have some good years. I don't think it broke him, but you know damn well he wakes up every now and then and has terrible nightmares about Pujols and the train tracks.
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How about Brad Ausmus asking for a new ball before Albert Pujols is even on the base path?