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James Harden Scoring 115 Points On 0 Assists In The Last 2 Games Is My Favorite Stat Ever That Makes No Sense

I legit don’t know how you score 115 points in 2 games. That alone is pretty fucking ridiculous. What makes absolutely no sense is scoring 115 points on 0 assists. I mean how does a teammate not accidentally find you in transition? How do you not make a back cut or a run a give and go in order to get a bucket in two games? That’s the unreal part.

Sure, Harden loves ISO ball. Sure, the Rockets run that quick offense. But, it’s also predicated a bit on spacing and drive and kicks. Plus, it’s 115 goddamn points. It’s almost impossible to score 115 points all on ISO sets or free throws.

Even better stat? James Harden has more camera pushes in two games than scoring on an assist:

Harden has been unreal lately. In his last 10 games he’s scoring over 42 points per game. The Rockets are still trying to figure shit out while they get Chris Paul and Clint Capela back from injury, but giving Harden the ball and getting out of the way seems to be working.