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Twice In One Week, Wheel of Fortune? Stay Woke, My Friends

Twice in a week? Really Wheel of Fortune?? Really???? This just happened on Friday’s episode:

And since that went viral, Wheel ran it back with another person on the verge of winning the million dollars but barely missing it? I’m very woke.

Over the last year or so I started watching WoF a lot, and what I realized was either they get the dumbest of the dumbest contestants, or something fishy is going on with the show. And I’m not saying that as a bit, there is definitely something a little off about it. I blogged about my suspicions here. Looking back on that blog, and my blogs about very bad plays in episodes past, and now with these million dollar close calls…it’s just…something ain’t right. If you are a reasonable person with a smart brain, watch a week straight of WoF and then try to tell me something isn’t a little bit off with how brainless a bunch of the plays are.

Here’s my advice: if you are ever about to be a contestant on the show, hit me up. I’ll coach you for a minimal fee. It’s not a completely solvable game because of the wheel variance, but you can put yourself in the situation to win if you just don’t make boneheaded mistakes.