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An absolute NUCLEAR BOMB from Manny Machado’s Agent, Dan Lozano.

I said it just a few minutes ago – I have NO CLUE what to make of this mess right now.  What I do know is there there is absolutely, positively ZERO chance that the White Sox would have a seat at the Manny Machado free agency table if their offer for him was currently $175MM over 7 years.

What I didn’t know is whether or not that was organizationally fed or agent fed.  I also didn’t know that it’s apparently a violation of CBA bylaws to use the media as a vehicle to leverage negotiations with free agents.  Well if that’s the case then lock up every front office exec, agent, and media member and throw away the key.  Because it happens an absurd amount and is only getting worse.  Everyone has their mouthpieces, their sources, their puppets and puppet masters.  It’s a cheater’s game, always has been and always will be.

This is all such a whirlwind to me and I am not kidding when I say this, it has fried my brain.  On a micro level, It means a lot to me as a diehard fucking fan of the White Sox that Hahn lands his White Whale, and it means a lot to me as a professional who doesn’t want to cover an organization that has a loser stigma the rest of my life.

PS – Nightengale has an (alleged) history of being a pawn and access journalist, so I’m gonna guess Dan Lozano outing his ass is noooo bueno for his career.  I have no idea how journalism works, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he recedes into the night after this.  Olney not so much, but Nightengale has been wrong time after time this winter.  You can be right 99 times out of 100 in this career, but people will always remember that singular fuck up, and he fucked up badly this time.