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Members Of PETA Petition Texas Dept Of Transportation To Install 10 Foot Gravestone At Location Of Chicken Truck Crash That Killed Thousands Of Chickens




(Source) Animal rights campaigners PETA have requested permission to install a 10-foot high roadside memorial for chickens killed when an 18-wheeler overturned in Bryan last month. Thousands of chickens were stacked up on the transporter in cages which were smashed open when it crashed September 30 at the intersection of U.S. 21 and FM 2818. It’s not known how many died but PETA said they want to put up the tombstone to be a reminder to drivers to be careful with their live cargo and encourage people to go vegan.

“Every year there are thousands of chicken and other animals that are transported hundreds of miles in all weather and are involved in traffic accidents like this and they suffer and die at the side of the road,” said Laura Cascada, campaign manager for PETA. The group have written to the Texas Department of Transportation asking for permission to erect the memorial, a tombstone which though centered on poultry can hardly be called paltry. In the letter, PETA writer Karla Waples appeals to barbecue hungry Texans to change their meat-eating ways.




I have a question. Do people in PETA spend their entire life walking around crying their eyes out about every single animal death in the world? I don’t understand it. And no this isn’t a “I hate vegetarians” thing (I do though). I’m genuinely curious what makes a person get to the point where they are actively mourning the death of a chicken. A fucking chicken! Not a human, a chicken. What about the squirrel on the side of the road or the ant I stepped on last week? Do we need tombstones for those too? Our brains are not supposed to be able to process all the shitty things in the world. That’s a defense mechanism. When pres says he doesn’t care about foreign deaths he doesn’t mean he actually doesn’t care, he means he can’t comprehend them because they aren’t white Americans that look exactly like us. He lacks some theory of mind but we all do.  So how does someone wake up one morning and start feeling bad about a fucking chicken??? Are there any PETA people who read Barstool? I need answers, I need an explanation how you get sad about a fucking chicken. How does a chicken dying impact your feelings. How?




Dogs are the one animal I get. If you even show me a picture of an older dog I’ll start to get teary eyed. Can’t explain that one.