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The Most Important Player On Gonzaga Is A Walk-On With A Personalized Handshake With Every Person On The Team

[Spokesman] - Players share unique handshakes with each other, but Beach has one with everyone, and his are the most sought after and scrutinized. His are seen by all 6,000 people in the Kennel for home games and more if they make it on TV or social media. One hesitation or a wayward hand and the execution falls apart.

Other players aren’t so sure the handshake caused any lingering effects, but Bakamus thinks Beach might have a different feeling.

“I know he’s particular,” Bakamus said. “If he screws up and we don’t play well, I know he blames himself in the handshake line.”

I don’t care how many All-Americans and future pros Gonzaga has on the roster. After reading this article and watching the videos, there’s no one more important than Jack Beach and his handshakes. I don’t believe in anything more than superstitions when it comes to sports. This is one you can’t screw up.

I know it’s not as crazy as the Wake Forest wide receiver who had 50 different handshakes, but we’re talking a good amount here and carrying on a walk-on tradition at Gonzaga started by Rem Bakamus. I’m also thinking this is now going to be the highlight leading into games. You know which ones I’m talking about. The ones at 11pm on ESPN2 with Caron Butler on the call and they are playing at home as an 18 point favorite to Santa Clara.

I’m not saying this is why they lost to Tennessee and UNC. But, I’m not ruling it out. Their defense would have been 100% better with Beach hitting the handshake with Rui before UNC. That’s just a fact.

Maybe I’m easily impressed, but if you’re rocking detailed handshakes with 6-10 guys, I’m going to be intrigued. I need him to start going more and more though. Create a handshake with the fans. Just run over there before the bench and knock it out. Get Mark Few involved. Then Gonzaga finally wins a championship.