It's Been 5 Years Since 2 Chainz Body Bagged Nancy Grace on Her Own Show

It was exactly 5 years ago this week when 2 Chainz went on Nancy Grace’s show to debate the legalization of marijuana and absolutely embarrassed her. I’m talking total decapitation. Made her look like a moron. If you watched 2 seconds of this video it is abundantly clear she never cut class to twist up a doobie or gotten home from a long day of work and taken a few rips out of the ole bong. Even if you don’t/have never smoked weed I mean come on, I think we can all agree that Nancy Grace is one of the most hatable people on the planet. Here are some of the best moments from their encounter:

Her only argument throughout the entire show is just showing the same two videos of random parents giving their kids weed to smoke. We get it Nancy!!!! Anyone can give their kids weed, anyone with a brain can comprehend that. It’s amazing that even 5 years ago we lived in a world where the daily TV host is the yelling imbecile and a rapper is the one who is calm and actually giving genuine and logical responses. And watching a man with the name “2 Chainz” conduct himself like that and pick her apart limb by limb was nothing short of heroic. When she read his lyrics “Smoking California weed with California hoes” and he said “TRUUU” I felt like I was 8 years old again watching Spiderman scale a building. So fucking awesome.

It’s a shame seeing people like Nancy Grace roam the earth like they have White House sized pillars shoved up their ass sideways. If only there was a cure for this god forsaken illness she’s developed over the years, commonly referred to as P.A.B, short for the medical term “Punk Ass Bitch”. If she could just take the advice of 2 Chainz or any other person that has attempted to hit her over the head with logical and rational reasons for the legalization of Marijuana, maybe she could cure this horrible disease!

With that being said, this is my formal invitation to Nancy Grace to come smoke a blunt with me in Madison Square Park. I’ve been told I roll a mean L Nancy, and it’s the perfect remedy for your medical issues. Give it a shot! All I want to do is help!