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Steve Carell Is Returning To Comedy Television, Rejoice! And It's With The Creator Of The American Version Of "The Office", Double Rejoice!!

Well this is the best news of the day. Steve Carell is not just returning to comedy…he’s returning to television comedy…and not just television comedy…but with the guy who created the American version of The Office!

I mean they could have said this show is about literally anything and I blindly would have said yep, all aboard. Add in the fact that it’s on Netflix so they aren’t bound by the constraints of network television and I can barely contain my boner.

Now, of course, there is the worry that they make this political. The Trump jokes and what have you. NO THANKS. Please don’t make it into that. The last thing the comedy world needs right now is more mumbo jumbo about Trump. Maybe I’m not quite in the position to be giving Steve Carell and Greg Daniels advice, but if you’ve turned on a late night television show in the last 2 years you are probably as exhausted as I am by political comedy.

But anyway, it’ll be great to see Steve Carell back on TV and back making jokes. He can still make his drama films, but man I’m glad he is back to making us laugh as well.