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"Deep Blue" The Great White Shark Is An Absolute HOUSE

Jesus tap dancin Christ! I know the term “unit” is 3 months past being played out but this is one of the largest animals I’ve ever witnessed in my life. I saw a bunch of tweets this morning saying that the largest Great White ever photographed had been seen off of Hawaii and until you see the video, its tough to understand how goddamn massive this animal is. The shark is identified as “Deep Blue” and was previously seen off Guadalupe Island off Baja California and swam her enormous ass 2,600 miles to Oahu.

Deep Blue was unsurprisingly found eating. When you’re this big you obviously haven’t made a habit out of eating salad, as she was seen having a goddamn Sperm Whale for breakfast. What does it look like to see a mythically large Great White feast on an animal that can reach 80,000-100,000 lbs?

What a remarkable animal. A lot of people may be wondering why on planet Earth the people filming are 4 feet away while the apex predator of all apex predators is ripping off chunks of flesh for breakfast. I understand the concern and wouldn’t disagree with the notion, but when a Shark has 40 tons of prime food in front of it, I can’t imagine turning and eating an air tank and skinny diver in a wetsuit is as probable as it seems.

The first sighting off Deep Blue on record was in 1999! Great Whites have a life expectancy of 70 years so the 20+ age isn’t exactly unheard of, but in an age where there are so many things that can end a large animal’s life prematurely (aka humans), its extremely cool to see.

These pictures taken by Mark Mohler are hard not to stare at


As well as these pictures of Smoke Ocean Ramsey

Health and wealth to our friend “Deep Blue”. I hope we are all still looking at pictures of her fat ass in another 20 years, although there may be no fish in the ocean that aren’t in Deep Blue’s stomach at that point.