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Bull Rider Mason Lowe Dies After Injury Suffered In Colorado Event

Newsweek - A professional bull rider has died in Denver as a result of injuries sustained during a competition, the Professional Bull Riders Association said on Wednesday. Mason Lowe was injured during an event at the National Western Stock Show on Tuesday night and died shortly after.

At the time of the tragic incident, the 25-year-old was riding a bull named Hard Times, before being bucked off. Gerardo Alvarez, who attended the event, told CBS Denver affiliate CBS4 that the Lowe appeared to be thrown off the bull, before the animal stepped on his chest.

“He was thrown off the bull and while he was on the ground the back legs stomped him in the chest while he trying to get up,” Alvarez was quoted as saying. “When he got up he immediately grabbed his chest and stumbled over to the exit and then fell to the ground again grabbing his chest before he could get out of the area. They took him out on a stretcher.”

Incredibly sad news out of Denver late last night/this morning. These guys know the risks that they run while competing in the most dangerous sport in the world, but that doesn’t make it any easier when a tragedy of this magnitude strikes. I wish Mason’s family well during this extremely hard time. Twenty-five years old is too damn young.

Rest in Peace, Mason.