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Sometimes You Just HAVE To Twerk On The Roof Of Your Car With A Friend While Driving On The Highway

Jeeeeesus Christ. Florida gonna Florida, amiright folks?

Wait, what was that?


Move over Nelly and company, there are a new set of St. Lunatics in town! Two ladies that are willing to do whatever is necessary to stack hearts on Instagram. Shit, I don’t even have the guts to lean out the car as far as the camerawoman did while recording all that nonsense. All you need is a rogue car to brush up to close to your head and your Worldstar video instantly becomes a LiveLeak video. I bet every Los Angeles Ram is secretly pissed that Stan Kroenke moved the team from such a wonderful metropolis full of entertainment. A Jenner can post a picture of her shoes and get a billion Likes on IG, but these salt of the earth ladies are out GRINDING for that intoxicating validation on social media. That kind of courage and impeccable balance is something Midwesterners have that the shallow people of Los Angeles don’t.

*I don’t know if people in LA are actually shallow, but since everyone says that’s the case, I’m gonna blindly jump on the bandwagon anyway

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