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Buster Olney: White Sox Have 7 Years, $175MM on the Table For Machado WSD: WRONG

Make this end.  Make this fucking end.  This is just killing every ounce of my soul.  I don’t know who planted this offer to Olney or why, but I’m too exhausted from this whole saga to try and put the puzzle pieces together.  We’ve heard everything from everyone at this point:

Levine: 7 years, $200MM+
Passan: 8 years
Gomez: 8 years, $250MM+
WSD: 7 years
Olney: 7 years, $175MM

Nobody fucking knows.  All I know is Rick Hahn SAID IT TO MY FACE that money won’t be the issue for signing a “whale”.  That is a quote straight from the horses mouth.  To me.  Your loyal neighborhood White Sox blogger.

Turn the sound up for the clip below:

So that and that alone is all we need to worry about right now.  The White Sox have a fuck ton of money to spend.  They want Machado.  Machado is considering them.  At this point, the only option is to let this play out until the end.  I’m #done breaking down Twitter rumors.


PS – If they don’t land him this is an absurdly bad look for the organization and there will be hell to pay